The sandal is an open shoe. It leaves the foot largely uncovered and therefore allows an excellent air exchange avoiding sweating of the feet. The sandal is considered an open shoe, even if only on the toe or on the heel.

The sandals consist of a sole and laces or strips that serve to keep them fixed around the foot. The sole can be of different materials: leather, rubber, woven fibers such as straw or raffia, plastic materials. The laces are shaped pieces or strips of fabric, leather, fibers, rubber or plastic; wrap the upper part of the foot and the back of the ankle. The thong sandals are held in place by a lace that passes between the big toe and the second toe and divides, going to reattach to the sole on its sides, forming a sort of Y.

The closure can be achieved by knotting laces or by more technological means such as Velcro, buckles, buttons and snaps.

The female sandals can be equipped with heels and plateau, even very tall, with showy colors and applied decorations; from practical footwear to fashion accessories.

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